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Shauna Hill

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04/18/15 05:30 PM #1    

Theresa Dunn (Mairs)

Shauna, such a beautiful free,loving, compassionate girl. You were a breath of sunshine to all around you. Always happy and caring. Miss you

07/30/15 08:44 PM #2    

Bruce Baker

Shauna had a streak of humor --  like when she put the whoopee cushion on the seat of Joe Caldwell (teacher)  in 9th grade algebra class.  I still smile at how she noticed his habits and gave us all an indelible memory.  

May we all be a bit of rascal in her honor.

08/07/15 12:07 AM #3    

Janna Carringer (Beauclair)

I was watching the 10:00p.m. News on channel 2 last night they were talking about keeping the Memorials up where people had their accidents, and they showed Shauna Hill's cross from where she had her accident.  It was quit moving to me with our Reunion coming up next week.  I didn't know how or when she had passed.

08/07/15 10:49 AM #4    

Kathryn Damschen (Feeler)

Shauna didn't die in a car accident, she died of leukemia.  I don't recall the year but if I'm remembering right, I think it was before our 10-year reunion.  Shauna's brother named his daughter after Shauna, and it was she who died in an auto accident.

08/07/15 02:13 PM #5    

Susan Pengilly

Shauna was a dear friend. I got to know her in late grade school or early junior high taking ballet together before she moved to the Highlands. We were close friends all through high school. We did not keep in touch much after high school. I think she went to Portland to college; I believe she became an accountant. She moved back to Boise at some point, married, and had a little girl in 1985, or so. I saw her a couple of times during those years.  In 1987, Shauna was diagnosed with leukemia. I saw her sometime that spring while I was at the hospital having a diabetes test during my pregnancy. I had to hang around the hospital for several hours, so I went up stairs to see Shauna. We chatted for awhile. Typical of Shauna, she was welcoming, kind, engaging, and full of questions for me. One would not have known what a grave illness she was facing.  She had a bone marrow transplant sometime that summer, I think, but succumbed to an infection. She died in October 1987.

I went to her funeral-- that was packed with all who loved her, as one would expect. I just remember her beautiful little two-year-old girl, Dannie. Very sad...We were 30 years old. What an eye opener at that age to lose such a dear friend.  I have seen Shauna's folks through the years. Her mom has told me that Dannie looks just like Shauna. Her dad died just a few years ago. His obituary said that he was buried next to his sweet girl Shauna in Dry Creek Cemetery. Shauna was the only girl in a family with five kids, so she was the apple of her dad's eye. I dream about Shauna every once in a while to this day. She was a beautiful person, inside and out, well loved, and missed by us all.     


08/08/15 01:16 AM #6    

Bill Fonshill

i was actually at her house working out plans for the tenth 

yes she was an acountant as sue remembers

as i remember when she was diagnosed with her cancer she

went to either portland or seattle as 28 years dims my memory

i went to see her as she lay in state for her viewing resplendant in her wedding gown

i have a sister buried there at dry creek and always stop by her grave and have a chat with her

08/08/15 09:51 PM #7    

Bill Fonshill


she was thirty when she passed as sue p remembers


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