In Memory

Steve Gifford

Date of Death December 9, 2011

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07/14/15 03:16 PM #1    

Nancy Foss (Rockefeller)

I didn't get to know Steve very well.  But, in high school Steglich and I always called him "Ernie" because he reminded us of Ernie from My Three Sons.  Steve knew we called him Ernie, and we laughed about it a lot..we must have had lockers near one another..OR....maybe he took most of his classes over in front of the YMCA with me? My memory fails... Anyway...I never saw him again after graduation until 2011 when I got a message from Ron Eardley that he was to say hello to me, from Ernie.  I instantly knew who he meant.  We exchanged emails and that's when I learned that Steve was very ill with cancer and not expecting to live much longer.   Ron was kind enough to host a dinner that summer and I spent a night laughing my ass off with Eard and Ernie..very fun.  Steve and I kept in contact via text, phone and email and I was lucky enough to see him one more time in November 2011.  We exchanged books, ideas, and had some pretty great conversations about life and after life and I was amazed and impressed by his reverence for both.  He was a devoted father and family man, and a very funny and kind person when I finally got to know him..nearly 40 years after we graduated.  Ernie really was a find.  Raise a glass to him, and all of our lost classmates when you all meet in August.   RIP Ernie!



07/15/15 11:10 AM #2    

Doug Maus

Thanks for that post Nancy.  What an excellent tribute to our classmate and friend.  Steve and I were pretty good buddies in Jr. High.  I remember seeing him at the 30-year reunion and I visited with him then.  I remember thinking that it was really good to see him there, and I was glad for the time we had to chat.

Anyway,   thanks again Nancy.

RIP Ernie (Steve)

07/15/15 09:18 PM #3    

Patrick Palmer

Great job Nancy,  I new Steve as well. Never thought about him as Ernie. He was was such a mellow young person I am sure he was never offended by the name change. Would of enjoyed being part of your get together.

On another note I enjoy following you, Sue Frisch, Val Bowden, and crew on face book. I hope all of you make this reunion. It would be great to have a face to face visit with all of you.

Pat Palmer



07/16/15 08:24 PM #4    

Debbie Brown


What a sweet rememberance.  We got a glimpse of Steve that perhaps many of us didn't have.Thanks for taking the time to share.



07/18/15 12:20 AM #5    

John Baker

I remember that his father owned th gas statiom at warm springs and broawdway.We would be off to Kopplels  Browseville.How did he die? All of a sudden I am intrsteded in this. It is importent to me. He was cool.



07/18/15 01:54 PM #6    

Michael Spiker

Very nice eulogy on Steve.
And John Baker Jerry Gifford's dad owned the gas station.

Mike Spiker

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