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Martin Burns

I miss my friend Martin.


Date of Death August 25, 2013

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06/17/15 10:43 AM #1    

Theresa Dunn (Mairs)

Martin, I have fun and excitement vibes when I think of you. I remember a guy full of energy and laughter! You were taken in a tragic way, and I'll forever remember the love of life you shared. I pray you will join this reunion in Spirit.

08/03/15 03:27 PM #2    

Scott Tate

I was fortunate to get to know Marty Burns when we moved from McCall to Boise 1971. 

I did not got to Roosevelt and could never claim to have been his oldest or best friend, but as we got a bit older, both Marty and I headed to Los Angeles for college.  Unfortunately, he went to that crap school Occidental College and as a result of my matriculation at Claremont Men's College some 30 miles away, we were required by local law (or maybe just tradition) to become sworn enemies.  OXY Tigers and CMC Stags don't normally mix but even so, Marty came over and attended a few parties in lovely Claremont.  I know he showed up but that's all I know because every time he came to a party (e.g. Mardi Gras night) we would have a beer or two and then he was gone.  Why? Quite simple.  He made friends.  Although a complicated guy, sometimes appearing to be shy, he was gregarious and interesting and people liked that - even though he was an OXY Tiger. 

Too gregarious in fact.  At one CMC party I introduced him to a gal I knew (and wished to know better) and then (as usual) I never saw him again that night or for a few  weeks  thereafter.   I only knew he was alive because she let slip about their wonderful dates to a friend weeks later!

He was a big wheel at OXY - Student Body president, publisher of their paper, etc.  Can't remember being there and not having everyone - everyone, say hello to Marty!  He even went back and taught journalism classes there years later.

At his memorial many people eulogized how he loved to come home to Idaho and just "be" in the mountains, on lakes, in streams - fishing and loving life.  All true, but there was more. 

He LOVED LA!  Marty, later known as Martin to greater LA did great and fun things.  He stuck his journalistic nose into all kinds of crazy things (Mexican drug busts) fun things (all over the Goth and emo .  He interviewed Paula Poundstone when they were both pups and often raved about how funny she was.  (I met her a bit ago and told her and I think she was touched by that - or maybe she was just jerking me around? who knows?)   

He loved everything about LA.  He was a classic LA driver - fast, furious and very good.  From his perch on Mt. Washington he could look down on the OXY campus and immediately get to wherever he needed to be. Great deck for drinking cold and frosty beverages. He loved the music scene in LA and would host us (Grisham, me and others).  he knew every club in LA.  A few years ago he hosted us at the Hollywood Bowl  - complete spread fit for royalty (like as Laxson spread on a river float) to see Los Lobos and Neil Young Crazy Horse.  Awesome!  And he would make to effort to visit and come to the Bay Area.  We all saw Bruce in San Jose a few years ago.  (We had tickets to see Pearl Jam in Seattle when he passed on.)

Always sweet - my wife (who is sometimes a tough sell) - loved him to pieces. 

When Rich Boyd passed away, we spent some time together.  He and Richard had been very close from childhood.  After the memorial we were out and about and trying to find a purpose.  We stopped by and visited a few friends and when we dropped in on Brenda (Foster), they reminisced about old times when they were in grade school....he let go and Thank God Brenda was there to comfort him.  Fifty years later, the two little kids, now old friends just leaned on each other and cried about losing their friend Richard.  

Although we have gotten grief ever since, it seemed a good idea to go paint East Junior High that night so we did!

Yup, Marty (nee Martin) and I tagged East remembering our friend Richard.  I miss them both but what I really miss is that complcated little pranskter side of my friend Marty.


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